Unlucky me

This is the post excerpt.


Hi, guys! My name’s Lizie Scott and I’m from the lovely state of Michigan. Must admit I often get into trouble with my last name. Back at the university, I wasn’t sure whom the professor wanted to answer his question – me or my friend Scott. So we stood up at the same time, talked in one voice and turned simultaneously when someone was calling. Our groupmates came up with a nickname for me and Scott – ‘Siamese twins’, but to be honest we looked just like idiots. And later, when I was getting a job, I wished there would be no Scotts around. However, fate has been anything but kind to me – I work with two Scotts now! TWO! I’m a reporter and they’re cameramen on a local channel. Stupid situations continue to happen. Gosh, I wish to get married soon and take the last name of my husband!


A tandem of art and music

Bring them back!

The more our world changes the more I want to go back in time. You can call me pessimistic but many things were better in the past. Music, for example. What do young people listen to nowadays?


  • Senseless trash.
  • Deafening clamor to torture their neighbors.
  • Cheerless songs about insupportable life at the age of 14.


They think that jazz, rock-n-roll and blues are only for those who are way over 50. In fact, these genres will never get out of fashion and such legendary singers as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Louis Armstrong will never be forgotten. No matter what, Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop for me. His original vocal style, costumes and choreography had a tremendous impact on the history of music. The news about his death was a shock for me.

Originality is always praised

To console myself, I began buying things that remind me of my beloved idol: posters, clothes, books, iPhone cases and everything else I was able to find. Speaking about the best picture of the King in my collection, I discovered it accidentally. I’ve heard the name of Leonid Afremov before, but I never thought this artist is actually so talented! I’d love to write an article about his stunning oil canvases! Just need to discuss it with my boss first. But it won’t take long because I’ve got so many arguments to persuade him! He’d better see one of Michael Jackson paintings here. Otherwise I’ll make him do it!


Leonid Afremov’s works are a light at the end of a tunnel. Compared to other modern artists, he is like a magician who turns everything into a fairy tale. When I look at this portrait of Michael, I imagine he’s in heaven and those flashing lights are his fans that follow him everywhere. He’s standing motionless and gazing instantly into the distance. Michael’s wearing stylish glasses and a costume as if he’d never left the stage. I adore the palette used by the artist. He covered the background with those incredible brush strokes of multiple colors which dance around the Jackson’s figure. Afremov depicts the legendary singer in his own unique way – adding not so many details but focusing on the general atmosphere of the image. I respect people who don’t try to copy somebody’s style and have their own vision of what they paint.
Not only fans of the Pop King will love Michael Jackson contemporary art by Leonid Afremov. A person of good taste won’t miss a chance to admire his breathtaking oil canvases! What kind of taste do you have?

image (1)

This is a man’s world? You must be kidding me

Real men, do they still exist? It seems they’re gone with the mammoths. I’m not looking for a perfect appearance, muscles or Mr. Wallet, however, it’s difficult to find a worthy person today. You might disagree with me, but a boy wearing a pink shirt with teddy-bears should be sent back to the kindergarten and given a dummy. Sometimes men pay too much attention to fashion and don’t realize how ridiculous they look. One of my colleagues decided to keep up with the youth and bought a wig. Once, as he was walking along the street, strong wind blew it off his head. Then a passing car ran the wig over, so now it resembles of an ostrich nest. The owner shook it, put it on anyway and came back to work as if nothing happened. I choked with laughter the whole day! I thought it was the funniest thing done by a man I’d ever seen. It turned out I was wrong. Nothing can be compared to men’s acro partner yoga challenge! Especially when you’re of dramatically different heights with your friend. See it for yourself here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1Gt6n2Caj4. These boys aren’t flexible at all, but they do their best to repeat the moves. I wonder who tossed them such an idea. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.